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My name is Noa Salti, I am a fashion photographer, who graduated from fashion and styling courses by Ron Kedmi (the living legend).

From a very young age, I adored photographing, being photographed and holding the camera.

I would photograph the view out of my bedroom window, my dolls, my friends.

I would have a sleazy photo album which I made out of Bristol, stacked with banal images. 

I called the album (with the advice of my older brother) "first shots".

I had a small tradition of finishing an entire film reel over silly photoshoots with my friends in my room and occasionally dressing them like models and forcing them to pose as one.


I have a degree in film, and behind me two final films, which I directed (one of which I even wrote) and have appeared on prestigious platforms such as channel 2 several times. 

My cinematic vision is an inseparable part of my visual art, and there is no doubt that this is a place I often aspire to express in stills Photography.


I have been a fashion photographer for four years now, and among other things,  I specialize in Look- books, catalogs/ campaigns, studio or out door locations photography, compositional photographs, model tests, and artistic- only photographs (for exhibitions, magazines or artistic projects).

Among my clients are companies and fashion designers of all kinds: clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.

As a part of my service, I am responsible for producing photography days from A to Z.

Starting with the concept stage, and meetings on the subject, through coordination with a professional team that works with me on a regular basis, coordination and mediation with modeling agencies, auditions, etc, all the way to payment.

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